Mei Hao Black Soup Pot with Lid (22cm)

Cookerway Die Cast Non Stick Cookware
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Healthy and favorable cooking
Tempered glass cover with built-in s/s edge, fashionable style.
Famous brand non-stick coating, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant.
Convenient to cook and clean.

1. Precise die-cast aluminiumn non-stick cookware is made of special-formulated alumninium alloy and with advanced die-cast technology under traditional cast-idea.

2. The die-cast aluminium cookware is light and easy in operation to eliminate the demerits of iron cookware, which is heavy and liable to corrode, and eliminate the weakness of drawn iron cookware.

3. Owing to fast heat transmission, our cookware can fry, cook and roast foods withg little oil or without oil, no oil-carbonizing or sticking, which complies people's traditional idea to cook food with cast cookware and makes people more healthy.

4. Both the external and internal layers of the cookware are sprayed with non-stick coat which is sanitary and washable. The coat is international certified famous product, which is safe, reliable and durable rending a long service life.

5. The glass-lid is safe, transparent, heat-resistant, beautiful and able to be directly put into the stove.

6. Precise die-cast aluminium cookware keeps pace with international cooking utensil trend and our company strives to make perfect combination of the tradition and new technology and produce perfect cookware.



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SKU HH46-22
Color Black
Weight (KG) 1.39
Dimensions (CM) (W x H x D) 24 x 12 x 24
Warranty Type 1

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